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Drill Hog Air Die Grinder

Drill Hog Air Die Grinder

Model: X27
Lightweight Composite Body
Ergonomic Designed Handle
360 Degree Rear Exhaust
Paddle Trigger with Lock
Adjustable Speed Control
Max Speed: 25,000 RPM
Air Consumption: 7 CFM
Operating Pressure: 90 PSI
Air Inlet: 1/4"
Weight: 1 Pounds
Dimensions: 7" Long x 2" High x 2" Wide
Built in Muffler to Reduce Noise
Lifetime Warranty

Drill Hog is proud to release the newest technology in Air Die Grinders. This new model is the smallest, most compact air die grinder in the market.

Features a light weight composite body weighing just 1 pound, meaning you can use it all day long without getting tired!

This new model more power than most standard die grinders. The motor has been upgraded to 25,000 rpm making it the most powerful for its small size!

Features a built in muffler and a rear 360 degree exhaust to reduce noise. This machine is very quiet but very powerful. Try it and you will see.

Drill Hog includes a Lifetime Warranty to the original purchaser.